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Zekk and Raynar find and rescue Raynar's father Bornan Thul. He is in the crossfire of two bounty hunters. Boba Fett slices into the Bornan's navicomputer because Bornan had been to the Emperor's Storehouse 5 days earlier. The other bounty hunter boards Bornan's ship after he had esacaped in an escape pod. She is blown up when the ship self-destructs. As Zekk and Raynar rescue Bornan and his secret, Boba Fett fires on Zekk's ship, The Lightning Rod. Then Jaina, Jacen, Lowie, and Tenel Ka appear out of hyperspace and fire on Slave IV. As Boba already had the info he needed, he fled towards Ryloth to give Nolaa Tarkona the location of the Emperor's Plague. Tenel Ka's Hapan ship, Rock Dragon had followed Zekk despite his plea to Jaina not to follow. But he was grateful. They make it back to Coruscant to explain there adventures. Then they tell the Senate of the Diversity Alliance. Meanwhile on Ryloth, the evil Twi'lek Diversity Alliance leader, Nolaa Tarkona, had paid Boba Fett for the info he had sliced out of Bornan's ship. The Senate is skeptical of the Young Jedi Knights' stories. So, Leia organizes an investigation of the Diversity Alliance. Luke, Lowie's sister Sirra, a Sentaur companion of the young Jedi Knights' named Lusa, and some senators as well as Kur, an exiled Twi'lek rescued by the Jedi Knights on Ryloth were sent to investigate. Meanwhile, the young Jedi Knights had left with Bornan Thul to visit the Imperial Storehouse. While there they decide to destroy it. They send an encrypted message to Raynar's mom requesting help. As the young Jedi plant explosives, the Diversity Alliance shows up with a small armada. The rest of them as well as a general of Nolaa's had been left behind to handle Luke and his investigators. Then, General Solo shows up with a New Republic fleet and begins to battle the Diversity Alliance in space over the asteroid. Nolaa and guards are already on the asteroid while Lowie's close friend and Diversity Alliance member Raaba leads the armada against the New Republic. The investigators find nothing unusual on Ryloth. But then Sirra exposes a "food crate" that stored blaster ammo. They engage in a battle until Kur calms them and takes over Ryloth's government. The Diversity Alliance realizes they were wrong and join Kur. At the asteroid the Jedi have set explosives. Lowie battles and kills Corsk, the Trandoshan general that he had injured on Ryloth while attempting to flee. Then, Bornan attempts to kill Nolaa. Her guards shoot and miss releasing several other plagues targeting various species including Twi'leks as well as the human attacking plague. Bornan dies in the plague chamber, assuring a worried Raynar that he was proud of him. IG-88 appears having been reprogrammed to protect Bornan. He protects Raynar but unable to avoid programming turns toward Bornan but is destroyed. Zekk, Lowie, and Raynar attempt to flee in the Lighting Rod as their companions had already left in the Rock Dragon. But some of Nolaa's guards stop them. Then Boba Fett appears. Having been paid by Raynar's uncle Tyko Thul to save them. The Diversity Alliance soldiers cheer thinking that he is there to help them but he turns around and kills them. He leaves in Slave IV while the others make it out in the Lightning Rod. Raaba had taken her ship the Rising Star down to rescue Nolaa. They escape. The asteroid begins to explode but Nolaa got her samples. But she is sick and Raaba had caught the Wookie plague. They realize they have lost. Even though the Diversity Alliance attempted to charge General Solo's ships, Aryn Dro Thul and Tyko Thul appeared out of hyperspace with the Bornaryn Fleet to aid the New Republic. Raaba flees to a barren planet. Nolaa dies. Raaba buries her and the plague. Raaba heals. She had sent Lowie a message saying that if she surrvived, she would find him. The Diversity Alliance is defeated and the young Jedi Knights return to Yavin 4 after healing on Coruscant for a celebration on the jungle moon. Raynar has constructed a pewter lightsaber. Lusa, having always been Force sensitive join Luke's Praxeum to study to become a Jedi. Zekk also join Luke's school. Tenel Ka kisses Jacen as the book ends with them all laughing and talking of the future.

Book 12: Return to Ord Mantell[edit]

Han Solo's past is about to catch up with him. When he and the twins take the Millennium Falcon to Ord Mantell for a high-speed race, they meet a battle-hungry young woman wielding a light saber. Her name is Anja Gallandro, and she knows more about Han's history than he likes. But Anja Gallandro guards an even more devastating secret, a secret that could mean disaster for the entire Solo family...

Book 13: Trouble on Cloud City[edit]

Jacen and Jaina believe they are simply off to enjoy a vacation at Lando Calrissian's Cloud City. Unfortunately, the friend they bring with, Anja, has plans that will cause much trouble for everyone.

Book 14: Crisis at Crystal Reef[edit]

Anja, furthering her plan to harm the Solo family, steals a star ship and races off toward Kessel. The young Jedi Knights follow, but are they following her into a trap they will not be able to escape?

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